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Singer. Performer. Entertainer. Just some of the words that describe Amittabh Reu, a seasoned singer based in Delhi, India. With 120+ live shows in India and abroad to his credit, Amittabh Reu is a highly sought after artiste. He is known for his natural ability to connect with the audience with his unparalleled energy, performance and gifted voice.

Thanks to his deep inclination towards music clubbed with inherent talent, Amittabh Reu started live performing at an early age and was privileged enough to sing at prestigious platforms with artistes like Parvati Khan and under renowned Bollywood music directors like Shantanu Moitra. He has been a part of several Jagjit Singh shows. While mainly known and loved for his singing performances, Amittabh Reu's talents are not restricted to just singing. He plays the Djembe Drum, a unique and beautiful instrument. In 2014, along with some school friends, he formed ODC (OSA Drum Circle) and since then, has been invited to play at locations like Wagah Border & at many events like “The Indian International Music Festival”.

In October 2017, Amittabh Reu debuted Yaadon ki Baarat, a musical performance, based on Kishore Kumar hits, conceptualised by Smita Kishore, to a packed audience in Zurich Switzerland. The very next day, he enthralled members of the Indian diaspora as well as prestigious Swiss guests at the Diwali celebrations of the Indian Association of Greater Zurich (IAGZ).

So popular was Amittabh Reu, that less than a year later, in August 2018, he was invited back to Zurich to perform at JALWA, a unique musical production, combining live singing with various forms of dance, conceptualised by Stuti Aga and unveiled to a full house.

While he loves to sing all kinds of songs, Amittabh Reu’s niche is Bollywood Retro. A lifelong fan of Kishore Kumar, Amittabh Reu is never happier than when he is up on stage, bringing alive Kishoreda’s evergreen hits.

Most recently, Amittabh was engaged by Le Meridien, New Delhi to bring in the New Year 2019 for their prided guests. His spontaneity and audience engagement, along with the carefully chosen song selection, charmed the audience, as always.

In his maiden US appearance, Amittabh performed at the Lohri celebrations at New Jersey, USA on 6 January 2019. It was organized by Vandana Malhotra Puri, an established name and veteran in the world of event management in the tri-state area.

His musical journey is ongoing. Wherever he goes, he thrills audiences with his inimitable style. He is available for live shows/collaborations. Reach out to him on +919811521152


  • I heard Amittabh Reu sing several of Kishore Kumar’s evergreen hits and those of other singers too, at a small get together in Kolkata. It was one of the most enjoyable evenings I have had in a long time and I was thrilled that he was able to fulfill my song requests. His love for music is evident when he sings and he simply commands the stage.

    Sandip Ray

    Renowned Bengali film maker and son of India’s Renaissance Man, Satyajit Ray.

  • Arisha Teotia

    We were invited to a private gathering (prelude to the JALWA event, a couple of days later in Zurich, Switzerland). The moment we heard his first song, we were hooked and have become his huge fans. I had the privilege to photograph Amittabh Reu during his stay in Switzerland. Amittabh Reu has a beautiful soul and is an amazing human being. We are looking forward to his next visit in Switzerland. Take care Amittabh Reu.

    Hemant Anand

    Hemant is a documentary photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland. He loves telling people's stories through his camera lens.

  • Smita Kishore

    I spotted the passion for music in Amittabh Reu the very first time we met and in October 2017, I organized a musical event in Zurich, Switzerland as a tribute to Kishore Kumar where Amittabh Reu was the solo singer. Ever since then, people have been urging me to bring him again. It was a super success and Amittabh Reu is now a known name in Zurich. Amittabh Reu is much more than just a singer. To captivate an audience as a solo performer for close to two hours requires charisma and charm, both of which Amittabh Reu possesses in abundance. I wish him unending success.

    Smita Kishore

    Smita Kishore is an avowed lifelong fan of Amittabh Reu and conceptualised Yaadon ki Baarat with him in mind. Switzerland has been her home for 30+ years and she is now working enthusiastically on the second edition of YkB.

  • Stuti Aga

    I heard Amittabh Reu sing at an event in Zurich entitled Yaadon Ki Baarat. He was fun, approachable and he sang songs which touched everybody’s hearts. I am a dancer and he had me and the rest of the audience on their feet. He has the ability to really connect with the audience. It was a wonderful experience to collaborate with him on JALWA. We had a lot of fun and I hope it's just the start to many more opportunities to work together!

    Stuti Aga

    Owner, Stuti Aga Dance Company, Zurich

  • Peter Simeon

    I handled the filming and videography for Yaadon ki Baarat and I enjoyed working with Amittabh Reu immensely. He was appreciative, humble and grateful towards everyone and he is a very high-calibre artist. I wish him continued success!

    Peter Simeon

    Peter is a movie buff and an absolute technical genius when it comes to music, sound, photography and videography. A true Indophile!

  • Ramanjeet Noorie

    I was part of the audience at both of Amittabh Reu‘s performances in Zurich. I was very impressed not just by his voice but also in the way he keeps the audience thoroughly engaged. Everybody who attended the performances enjoyed it just as much as I did, this was clearly visible. Keep up the good work Amittabh Reu - I have definitely become a fan and hope to see you perform in Zurich again. And again! I wish you even more success in the future.

    Ramanjeet Noorie

    Noorie is an IT professional working in Zurich.

  • Arisha Teotia

    I was lucky and fortunate enough to attend Amittabh Reu’s rocking performance in Zurich last year. What an entertainer! He has the charm to pull a crowd together with his vivacity and melodious voice. It's a shame that I missed his performance at Jalwa in Zurich last month due to my relocation to Penang, Malaysia. Otherwise, wild horses would not have been able to keep me away. I look forward to having him perform in Malaysia one day. He can surely count on my attendance and that of my friends.

    Arusha Teotia

    A Relationship Manager for a US-based company, Arusha has lived all over the globe and is currently in Penang, Malaysia, after spending the last 5 years in Zurich.

  • Aditi Sengupta

    As huge music buffs, my octogenarian husband and I were delighted to be invited to an intimate Meet n Greet with Amittabh Reu as a prelude to his grand performance at Jalwa in August 2018 in Zurich. We were transported back to the beautiful melodious era when Music was King and lyrics were touching. Amittabh Reu sang many songs, going from strength to strength as the evening went on, and his spontaneous songs without accompanying music were simply unforgettable. We had expected Jalwa to be a run of the mill song and dance performance. How wrong we were! With the first song, the evening took off like a rocket, reaching unexpected heights. Song and dance, solos and duets, professional and amateur numbers followed seamlessly complementing and enhancing each other. The audience rocked, clapped and cheered on the artists until it was time to part... as the whole hall sang and danced to the tune of ' never say goodbye','kabhi alvida na kehna'. We left with a catch in our throats, rather flashed and bedazzled, ready to come back for more. Amittabh Reu, come back soon!

    Aditi Sen Gupta

    Aditi Sengupta and her husband Gautam, are veterans of the Bengali community in Switzerland, which has been their home for almost half a century.
    They are both keen music buffs and appreciate culture in all its forms.

  • Shikha Hans

    Your voice is so mesmerizing.You simply ROCK. Rise and Shine. God bless.

    Shikha Hans

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